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Review and Thoughts on Quality Saddle Blankets

Saddle blankets are the protective covers that are placed under the saddle to provide cushioning comfort to a horse’s back. Blankets are also used as sweat absorbers. The particularly designed models of saddles are best suited for the riders to sit on the horseback while riding one comfortably.

How to select the correct type of saddle blanket

While selecting and buying an Anky saddle pad, you have to be quite thorough since poorly chosen ones can cause some mild muscle pain for the horses, due to the possibilities of straining and injuring the muscular tissues. By selecting perfectly fitting saddles, you can protect your horse from accidental injuries that might result with affecting its performance or can restrict it from continuing with regular training.
Some saddles are designed for horses that frequently take part in the races, whereas some saddle types are designed for the general use. While buying one, make sure to consider the size of the withers and horse’s back to protect both your hip muscles and muscular layers of the horse from unnecessary wear and tears.

Types of the saddle pads that are available today

While buying the saddle blankets, you have to consider the type of materials that are used while weaving them. Blankets are entirely different from the saddle pads. It is referred, as the piece of cloth that is placed on the back of the horse before placing the saddle to keep it in position.
There are two types of saddle blankets namely: western saddles and pack saddles. Both the blanket types are used for padding and also to keep the horse warm during winters. The western saddle has been around for a long time, as it was meant to be a more useful model, enabling riders to work with the horses in the old days of the frontier. The numnahs are the type of blankets that are quite thicker than the regular blanket and keep the horse warm when it becomes skinnier and also protects their back during long marches. Thinner blanket types are used while training the horses in riding arena kick system to keep them from excess sweating.

Designs of Saddle Pads

Saddles are designed by following English or Western designs. Both types compliment the physique of the horses and hence help the buyers in selecting the best one for their horses.

Materials Used

Saddle blankets Australia are usually manufactured using some natural materials such as sheepskin, goatskin, etc. As the latest trends started flooding the saddle markets, certain synthetic materials such as fleece, foam, felt, gel, neoprene, etc., are used in manufacturing the soft and smooth textured blankets. You can find the saddle blanket of your choice on online stores at great prices. Online stores selling horse equipment are plenty and you can easily find them through your search engine.



Sporting Horse Australia Flag and Barrel Race Race

Elenore models for Equestrian Stockholm’s new commercial (behind the scenes)

Join Elenore behind the scenes when she got to be a model for a day when Equestrian Stockholm was shooting a commercial for their upcoming new equestrian fashion collection.

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Cavallino Marino by HKM, spring-summer 2017 [Equestrian Fashion]

Sport Horse Racing Australian Championship – 2016 Royal Melbourne Show Horses In Action

Don’t miss the Sport Horse Racing Championships, where Australia’s best horses race through a variety of fast and exciting events that test the horse and rider’s skill, stamina and speed. See who will win the much coveted title of 2016 Australian Champion.

Molise PR Chicago Client Michelle Durpetti Talks Equestrian Fall Fashion on FOX Good Day Chicago

The 2014 Chicago Hunter Derby took place on September 5, 6 & 7 presented by Chicago Equestrians for a Cause benefitting three outstanding charities: Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago, the University of Chicago Cancer Research Foundation and the United States Hunter Jumper Association Foundation. Molise PR Chicago client, Michelle Durpetti of Michelle Durpetti Events went on FOX Good Day Chicago to discuss this unique benefit and equestrian inspired fall fashions.

Molise PR, a top Chicago PR firm, loves equestrian-inspired trends for Fall. Check out a few great looks here!

Look #1- Modeled by Hannah Gorman
Shadbelly by Animo
Shirt & Stocktie by Le Fash
Breech & Belt by Tailored Sportsman

Hannah is dressed in a formal riding coat called a shadbelly. Shadbelly’s designs were very popularized in the early 1800’s during the “Regency Period” in the United Kingdom where royalty wore them for formal events and horseback riding.

In the US, Shadbelly’s are better known as Tuxedos or Tail Coats: Hannah is wearing an Italian Shadbelly from Animo. This modern version is carefully constructed with the finest technical fabrics that allow flexibilty & movement for the rider.
Under her Shadbelly, Hannah is wearing a Le Fash Herringbone Shirt that is made of bamboo, a fiber as soft as silk yet one that cools and allows total movement of the rider and a crisp matching stocktie.

Her Classic Tan Breeches and Handcrafted Italian Leather Belt are from Tailored Sportsman. LeFash & Tailored Sportsman companies deserve a “shout out” as they are dedicated to designing and making their apparel in the USA!

Photo #1- Courtesy of Margaret Lee and the USHJA Wheeler Museum
This 1958 photo of Betty Beryl Shenk competing at Warrenton aboard Duke of Paeonian demonstrates classic formal apparel found on the fox hunting field- shadbelly jacket, top hot, flared breeches and tall boots.

Look #2- Modeled by Kimberly Penfold
Jacket & Plaid Scarf by Barbour
Upper East Side Breech by Le Fash
“Croc Bit Loafers” by Patricia Green
Firenza Backpack by Asmar

This next look could be characterized as quintessentially British, that is both timeless & always in vogue for the active sporting life. For 120 years Barbour of Scotland has been making fashions for those who live outdoors, Kimberly is showing a Barbour versatile quilted jacket paired with gorgeous cotton wheat plaid scarf.

This fabulous look is paired with an Upper East Side City Breech from Le Fash & Croc pattern “Bit” Loafers from Patricia Green. Stunning yet practical, Kimberly can carry a days supplies, even a helmet in her White Pebbled Leather Firenza Back pack from Asmar!

Photo #2- M.E. Morris Photo Courtesy of Detroit Horse Show and the USHJA Museum
This 1953 photo of Sallie Busch (Wheeler) with Combination shows her accepting a ribbon during the Detroit Horse Show. She is wearing attire of the time including breeches that flare at the hip. The fabric of breeches during this time was very thick, typically made of cavalry-twill and had little stretch. To allow for freedom at the hip and knee while riding, the early breeches had this flare until more stretchable materials like nylon and spandex became available.

Look #3- Modeled by Lynn Jayne
Tuxedo Shirt & City Breeches by Le Fash
Houndstooth Wrap by Barrington Saddlery
Snaffle Belt by Tailored Sportsman
Ladies Duffle Purse by Asmar
Suede Loafers with Bits by Patricia Green
Lynn is stepping out with an equestrian look that is “Street Chic & Fashion forward & fabulously comfortable. Perfect for a woman on the go all day who doesn’t have time to change outfits.

Her stunning Tuxedo shirt and City Breeches from Le Fash are paired with a Baby Alpaca Houndstooth Wrap that is accented with a Tailored Sportsman snaffle belt.

She is sporting a white ladies spectator “Duffel” from Asmar; adding a fresh twist on an iconic look.

Last but not least, Patricia Green’s Charcoal Grey Suede “Bit” Loafers provide the finishing equestrian touch & allow Lynn to walk all day in comfort and style!

Photo #3: Courtesy of the USHJA Archives and the USHJA Museum
Sallie Busch Wheeler is pictured here in classic attire. The photo is not dated but is likely from the 1970’s. The one deviation from proper show ring hunter tack is the presence of a running martingale on her horse, which while not allowed in today’s competition ring, was and is often used on the actual fox hunting field.