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The Top 6 Equestrian Brands In Austraila

Thinking about finding polo shirts, jackets, or even breeches?

You will want to know who to go to and why they are the best at what they do. There are four leading brands in the nation, and each one brings something unique.

Here are the top four equestrian brands in all of Australia.

1) Buck Yeah!

Let’s start with one of the market leaders in Australia at the moment.

When it comes to equestrian brands, you are not going to find any better than what Buck Yeah has to offer. They have a robust collection and best Australian equestrian storessome of the best professionals working under their brand. This makes it easy to rely on the quality of their products and the value they have to provide.

You are going to fall in love with their collection, and it has enough depth to make everyone content with what is on show.

2) Southern Sport Horses

You may not have heard of Southern Sport Horses, but they now hove an online store with a large range of quality gear for the professional and enthusiast. Operated by a showjumper, much of the gear is for showjumpers, such as the popular Acavallo equestrian brand, and showjumping saddles and accessories .Check out their very cool online store.

3) GiddyUp Girl

This has become a superstar in the industry and is an ideal option for women. Those who are looking to get into the world of horses will know it has to start with the right items. In terms of the best brands in all of Australia, women are not going to find it better than what GiddyUp Girl has to bring to the table. They have variety and quality that is hard to match. This is going to appeal to those who are selective about what they are using or putting on.

4) Fat Pony Equestrian Apparel

The next addition to the list of top equestrian brands has to be Fat Pony Equestrian Apparel. This is one of the better brands because it has a unique collection and you can get an affordable deal. This is a stand up team of professionals, and they have created creative designs.

This is one of the better brands for those who are looking to get kid items.

Whether it is breeches or jackets, you are going to want to keep this one in mind as soon as you take a look around. Their online shop is a wonderful addition too!

5) DappleEq had a large range of very high quality and popular brands including Anky, Animo, Horseware Ireland, and Secchiari. They operate a store in South Australia and also have a very successful and fully stocked online store.  One of their most popular ranges is high quality riding breeches for men and women. Make sure you check out what they have to offer.

6) Chaballo Equestrian Gear and Fashion

The final addition to the list has to be one that is well-regarded for its online presence.

It has a beautiful online shop, and the breeches are world-class. The one reason you are going to want to consider this while shopping has to do with the durability of their products. There isn’t a brand that is going to match what they bring to the equation.

You can see long-lasting results with their breeches, polo shirts, jackets, and everything else.

This is what makes them such an exciting fit.

Look at these top four equestrian brands while you visit Australia. Those who are spending time in the nation or were born here, it is time to take a look at these brands as soon as possible. These are some of the market leaders, and they do a great job of offering quality products.

Review and Thoughts on Quality Saddle Blankets

Saddle blankets are the protective covers that are placed under the saddle to provide cushioning comfort to a horse’s back. Blankets are also used as sweat absorbers. The particularly designed models of saddles are best suited for the riders to sit on the horseback while riding one comfortably.

How to select the correct type of saddle blanket

While selecting and buying an Anky saddle pad, you have to be quite thorough since poorly chosen ones can cause some mild muscle pain for the horses, due to the possibilities of straining and injuring the muscular tissues. By selecting perfectly fitting saddles, you can protect your horse from accidental injuries that might result with affecting its performance or can restrict it from continuing with regular training.
Some saddles are designed for horses that frequently take part in the races, whereas some saddle types are designed for the general use. While buying one, make sure to consider the size of the withers and horse’s back to protect both your hip muscles and muscular layers of the horse from unnecessary wear and tears.

Types of the saddle pads that are available today

While buying the saddle blankets, you have to consider the type of materials that are used while weaving them. Blankets are entirely different from the saddle pads. It is referred, as the piece of cloth that is placed on the back of the horse before placing the saddle to keep it in position.
There are two types of saddle blankets namely: western saddles and pack saddles. Both the blanket types are used for padding and also to keep the horse warm during winters. The western saddle has been around for a long time, as it was meant to be a more useful model, enabling riders to work with the horses in the old days of the frontier. The numnahs are the type of blankets that are quite thicker than the regular blanket and keep the horse warm when it becomes skinnier and also protects their back during long marches. Thinner blanket types are used while training the horses in riding arena kick system to keep them from excess sweating.

Designs of Saddle Pads

Saddles are designed by following English or Western designs. Both types compliment the physique of the horses and hence help the buyers in selecting the best one for their horses.

Materials Used

Saddle blankets Australia are usually manufactured using some natural materials such as sheepskin, goatskin, etc. As the latest trends started flooding the saddle markets, certain synthetic materials such as fleece, foam, felt, gel, neoprene, etc., are used in manufacturing the soft and smooth textured blankets. You can find the saddle blanket of your choice on online stores at great prices. Online stores selling horse equipment are plenty and you can easily find them through your search engine.



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