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Review and Thoughts on Quality Saddle Blankets

Saddle blankets are the protective covers that are placed under the saddle to provide cushioning comfort to a horse’s back. Blankets are also used as sweat absorbers. The particularly designed models of saddles are best suited for the riders to sit on the horseback while riding one comfortably.

How to select the correct type of saddle blanket

While selecting and buying an Anky saddle pad, you have to be quite thorough since poorly chosen ones can cause some mild muscle pain for the horses, due to the possibilities of straining and injuring the muscular tissues. By selecting perfectly fitting saddles, you can protect your horse from accidental injuries that might result with affecting its performance or can restrict it from continuing with regular training.
Some saddles are designed for horses that frequently take part in the races, whereas some saddle types are designed for the general use. While buying one, make sure to consider the size of the withers and horse’s back to protect both your hip muscles and muscular layers of the horse from unnecessary wear and tears.

Types of the saddle pads that are available today

While buying the saddle blankets, you have to consider the type of materials that are used while weaving them. Blankets are entirely different from the saddle pads. It is referred, as the piece of cloth that is placed on the back of the horse before placing the saddle to keep it in position.
There are two types of saddle blankets namely: western saddles and pack saddles. Both the blanket types are used for padding and also to keep the horse warm during winters. The western saddle has been around for a long time, as it was meant to be a more useful model, enabling riders to work with the horses in the old days of the frontier. The numnahs are the type of blankets that are quite thicker than the regular blanket and keep the horse warm when it becomes skinnier and also protects their back during long marches. Thinner blanket types are used while training the horses in riding arena kick system to keep them from excess sweating.

Designs of Saddle Pads

Saddles are designed by following English or Western designs. Both types compliment the physique of the horses and hence help the buyers in selecting the best one for their horses.

Materials Used

Saddle blankets Australia are usually manufactured using some natural materials such as sheepskin, goatskin, etc. As the latest trends started flooding the saddle markets, certain synthetic materials such as fleece, foam, felt, gel, neoprene, etc., are used in manufacturing the soft and smooth textured blankets. You can find the saddle blanket of your choice on online stores at great prices. Online stores selling horse equipment are plenty and you can easily find them through your search engine.


OOTN:Equestrian Chic

This is the outfit wore to our BHM celebration here in Tokyo Japan. I went for a casual, chic and sexy Equestrian look.

Riding Boots—–Zara
Bag—–Louis Vuitton
Belt—Japanese Boutique

Black Opal Finishing Powder—-Dark
Mac Studio Sculpt foundation—NW45
Mac Studio Sculpt concealer—-NC45
Wet n Wild Blush—–Pearlescent Pink
Wet n Wild Lipstick—–910D
NYX Lipliner—Hera
ELF Lipgloss—–Berry Cherry
Christian Dior Lip Liner—Red
Sleek Makeup Blush——Aruba
NYX eyeliner—-Seafoam Green


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