10 Endurance Horse Breeds in the World

Top 10 Most Popular Endurance Horse Breeds

Some horses are built for heavy draft work. Others crave the short-distance races that can be found at tracks around the world. Then there are the endurance horse breeds, which crave long-distance competition in open environments with high levels of individuality.
Endurance horse breeds must have an emphasis on strength and stamina in order for the horse to be successful. These are the most common horse breeds that are used for endurance events around the world right now.

1 – Akhal-Teke
2 – Anglo-Arabian
3 – Arabian
4 – Boerperd
5 – Criollo
6 – Marwari
7 – Missouri Fox Trotter
8 – Rocky Mountain Horse
9 – Spanish Mustang
10 – Kentucky Natural Gaited Horse

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