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Hi Viz Hoodies for men and women, available on all color that will seamless fit to your every day wear clothing. The Hi Viz hoodie comes with lettering and caption to catch everyone’s eye.The features are at Expand View:

HI-VIZ EQUESTRIAN HOODIE REVIEW: By http://www.buuvi.co.uk

Horse riding,though just as popular today as it always has been,seems to conjure up a particular image in the minds of many people-that of the rich upper crust in jodphurs and redcoats ballyhoo-ing and tallyho-ing.

While some of that still goes on around the country,a lot of horse riders aren’t rich- in fact a horse can cost less to run than a car-or posh and certainly dont wear red jackets.

They might wear something like this though-a high vis equestrian themed hoodie-though of course you don’t have to be a horse rider to wear one! Made of 80% Cotton 20% Polyester,with a Unisex Style & Fit,this hoodie has“think horse” on the front and “slow down” on the back.
It also has these reflective discs, both front and back,that as you can see are striking and eyecatching when the light hits them,without being dangerously dazzling-perfect in fact for keeping safe on the road,whether on a horse ,bike or shanks pony.

The specially printed letters and discs won’t fade or crack and the whole thing is machine washable.The front kangaroo pouch pocket has an extra surprise-a small hidden opening for ear buds or headphones,so you don’t have any tangle prone leads dangling around.


80% Cotton 20% Polyester

Unisex Style & Fit

Print won’t Fade or Crack

Machine Washable

Kangaroo pouch pocket with small hidden opening for ear phone cord feed

TO BUY THE Hi Visibility Equestrian Hoodie FOLLOW THIS LINK: http://bit.ly/1wWXhZm

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